How long until SCI lapses?

I was recently upgraded from TS to TS/SCI by my employer in November 2020. I recently found out from my Security officer that I’m cleared to TS/SCI, but the government agency I’m working for isn’t holding it. So I reached out to them and there is some kind of delay now with them reading us on to the contract. Probably something contract related, above my pay scale. So it was determined some of us needed SCI to access certain areas, but now there is a delay on finalizing, and nobody knows when it will complete. How long can my SCI sit in limbo like that before it lapses? p.s. I recently completed re-investigation process where they notified me I’ve been moved to CE. So my TS is up to date.

With the explicit proviso that I really am not an expert in any way, I’d say you are good for at least five years. I’ve heard of some customers insisting on an investigation no more than two years old but I dont know if that still holds true with the brave new world of CE.

And just to get into some nitpicking, you are not “cleared” for SCI but you do have “eligibility” based on the most recent investigation. Your “eligibility” is what will allow you to get fully briefed.