how to answer this question


I am currently going through a security background check. I have some feedback from the investigators and need to provide them additional documentation.

they also asked me this question (I guess I’m on the bubble…):

“provide any additional information, facts or circumstances you believe might assist us in determining whether it is clearly consistent with the national interest to grant or continue you for a position of national security”

is it a character question or for facts? other than saying ‘I’m a nice guy,’ blah, blah, blah.

I appreciate any feedback on how to properly answer this question

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Can you talk about past jobs perhaps that have been for the good of the nation? That might show your character in a job setting.

this almost sounds like the investigation is not going in your favor. They are looking for additional information the help them adjudicate it favorably.

The entire process is designed to determine the answer to this question. Note that they even said, “grant or continue”. They are giving you a chance to explain why the adjudicator should answer that it IS clearly in the national interest to grant your clearance.

If it were me, I would explain that you fully understand the gravity of what you are asking and that you understand the need for the investigation to be complete and thorough. Then you can go on to explain how seriously you take the responsibility to properly use and protect the information that you are being given.

Now, I assume that they have also asked you other questions about items that they are gathering info on. Relate your answer to this question back to your answer to the others. If they have financial questions, make it clear that the financial issues that they are bringing up will not effect your ability to do your job and to protect information.

I would wrap up with a something like, “I recognize and understand the concern that XYZ may cause the department. However, I believe that those issues are mitigated by ABC and that it is clearly in the national interest to grant me clearance for the position to which I am applying.”

Make sure that you ask them to grant your clearance and that you believe that it is in the national interest.

This stuff isn’t very important to the investigators. They don’t care. Their job is just to gather facts. But, all of this will be passed on to an adjudicator for a final decision.


Thank you for the reply. You have provided me some good words to use.



Brilliantly captured.

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