How to find and contact FSO

I just recently got a new recruiter and emailed her last week and I have received no response. I just want to know if my investigation is closed and has moved to adjudication. How do I get in contact with an FSO?

Can anyone steer me in the right direction here?

An FSO is an employee of the company that you will be working for. We really can’t tell you how to contact them particularly if your recruiter isn’t responding.

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@EdFarmerIII…arrgghh ok thanks for the info

It depends on which agency that did or is doing your background investigation. If the agency is Office of Personnel Management (OPM), then you can contact OPM and ask for the status of your background investigation.
If it were other than OPM, you can still contact the agency’s security office.

Contact info? Search Google or this forum. There is a number somewhere.

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@Rkf4ever I had issues getting ahold of my recruiter and even called the IChires line and they sent me to someone else that I also couldn’t get in contact with. I don’t believe we can contact security directly with this agency. I do know that there is a recruiter that has been out the past 2 weeks and just got back in today so maybe that is your recruiter.

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@AWoodhull Thanks I’ll see what I can find

@hawk911…yes it does seems to be a little tricky getting a hold of people there. I guess I’ll keep trying and searching.