How were you informed whether u passed or Denied

So I know my case is closed 3 days ago through the DOE website. . How will I be informed if it passed or not?

If you have eopf access, you can check there.

No… I do not have the access. So how people usually got informed? And how long after the decision made.

Call your POC at the agency, HR maybe?

Darn … I should done that today… I called my manager but he was out… I should’ve thought about HR…

By case closed do you mean the “investigation results received date” or the “clearance action date”? I got an email that my clearance was granted a day after the “clearance action date” which was 15 days after the “investigation results received date”.

Clearance action date. Who send the email. The company hired you or from DOE?

The company I work for emailed me about my clearance.

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Thank u. My company has every other Friday off… given last Friday was thanksgiving , I guess most people are off this past Friday. … I will have to patiently wait for next Monday. Thank you all for answering my questions.

I received at letter indicating that my the ALJ assigned to my hearing decided in my favor.

Then I received a letter saying that DOHA was going to appeal the decision.

Then, the FSO at my sponsoring employer emailed me that I finally showed as “cleared” in JPAS.

Then I received a letter from DOHA saying that the appeal had been withdraw.

All of this happened in about 30 days.