Determination made - no notification?

I am currently waiting on a TS clearance. Back at the beginning of the month, I emailed HR to check on my status. Two weeks later, they emailed me to say that my case was ‘complete’ but offered no further information.

I called my case manager, who confirmed that my case was closed but that she hadn’t received my file yet (it has to be delivered by courier, or something).

That was two weeks ago and I haven’t heard a thing. Is this just normal bureaucratic sluggishness or could it be something else?

Your case goes into the adjudication queue and depends on how many are in front of it and whether there are any issues to resolve. There is nothing you can do to influence the process, so I would just move forward with life and it will eventually get done.

Marko - I should have said that my case was already in Adjuducation two months ago. I interpreted their response - that my case was ‘closed’, rather than telling me it was ‘in Adjudication’ as before - to mean that a determination had been made.

Either way, I suppose you’re right - nothing I can do.