I apologize in advance for length

hello all,
I’ve been reading this board for quite some time and have gotten so much insight and helpful information…Thank you! I have nothing but respect for you veteran BIs because OMG OMG OMG, it’s not what I expected.
I’m 1099 for one of the newer companies. Finished NIT early Feb and have been pulling my hair out ever since. I’ve been doing only TESIs and some are a major headache yes but I really dont see the point in Records and Sources, it seems like a waste of time and gas. Am I wrong for that?

I still need help though, it’s not really the job anymore as I feel like I’m past the information overload now. Even with my very short experience, I’ve had several TESIs go straight through without RZ so I’m getting the hang of it. I’m getting interviews done faster (5 hrs avg at first😔) and ROIs done faster now too (6-7 hrs at first).
My problem isnt what I expected it to be though. I wasnt prepared for the huge mental transition going from an hourly employee (nightshift for over 10 yrs) to 1099. I feel like I’m not organized enough, not doing enough, it’s taking forever for me to locate people and make contact. Scheduling appts is crazy, I feel like I cant have a schedule because everyone is different with different needs and not having a schedule is driving me batty but impromptu interviews seem rude and unprofessional to me. Does that make sense? This process really isnt a process, it feels like winging it everyday, there isnt a step by step method. I dont know how to adjust to that. And because I’m not doing enough, the pay isnt what I expected either, it just isnt there. I haven’t had financial problems in years now I’m truly struggling. I really want to be great at this and feel like this job is what I wanted but maybe the job doesnt want me so I’m not sure how long I should keep at it. Is it normal in the first few months to feel like this job was a bad idea, is that common? How do I get over this feeling of not adjusting properly? Thanks for your time and I apologize it’s so long. I dont want to be but I’m seriously on the ledge with this job.

Now I’m not an investigator but I’ve known several over the years in various capacities and one guy said almost the same thing. He had been employed by the government as an investigator, retired, then got hired as a contractor. He said he had to stop trying to adjust to a schedule and make the schedule work for him, or words to that effect. Even as a government investigator he was more or less his own boss but he had a steady workload. When he became a contract investigator, he said the workload fluctuated wildly from nearly nothing for a few weeks in a row to daily hair fire drill for a few weeks.

Anyway your post reminded me of this discussion from some years back when I myself was looking into the USIS gig so I asked this guy some questions.

At least I know I’m not inaccurate about it. I thought it could be just me and I’m not cut out for this. Maybe it’ll just take longer to adjust than I thought and in a different manner than I thought.
Thanks for your response.

You have to balance appointments with time management.

In general, I make firm appointments with Subjects.Sources I normally try to avoid firm appointments unless they are in an office or in an appointment driven profession. When other Sources want an appointment, I try to make it the same day or the next. Even then I normally call before driving any distance to ensure the Source remembered the appointment.

I have become very good at coaxing Sources to meet with me.

Most Sources will forget appointments or not show otherwise.

You can coax most Subject’s to meet you at times good for you - you do have to be flexible but remember, they want the clearance.

Another issue, don’t spend too much time chasing down the one perfect Source. Sometimes two or so available Sources are better than the all-encompassing Source that is avoiding you.

Those are great points to remember, thank you.

I wouldn’t ever recommended 1099 as a fresh FI. If I were you I’d switch to full time.

Datesnotrecalled, I have come to that conclusion! And I’ve added NIT to my resume to begin applying to FT positions. Thanks for your reponse.