I’ve had a clearance revoked

I found out that years ago my public trust was revoked after my ex gf used the card to pay something. I never knew she used it until the charges showed up on my statement. I never knew that it would be revoked when I left the job but a few months after I left I received an an email the sponsor revoked the clearance.

I now find myself needing a new clearance but it has taken 3 years for it to go through. The incident happened about 9-10 years ago. I haven’t had any problems like that since. So is there a chance that my clearance will still be denied over this incident?

When you say your “ex gf used the card” are you talking about a government credit card?

Since a public trust is not exactly a “security clearance” I wonder if this is something that needs to be reported under the “have you ever had a security clearance revoked” question.

And you have already submitted the SF-86/eQIP for the new clearance, about three years ago? Were you granted an interim?

I wouldn’t think this old incident would be a problem after 9-10 years but financial issues continue to be the top reason people are denied security clearances.

Sorry to hijack another thread, but since this one is speaking of having a PT revoked, can you give any insight or opinion on this one:

Yes, my government credit card. I did not get granted an interim. I had switch to a different agency and then realized the other clearance was still processing. So since I had that one processing I couldn’t get the interim until the other agency stopped trying to get the clearance. So that didn’t drop off until early last year. So now I am still waiting.

The government credit card and your public trust are not linked. You must have gotten in trouble at work that resulted from the card being used, which then resulted in your PT being revoked.

Further, my supervisor wanted me to stay but received pressure to let me go.

No, Since it was my gf and I had stayed her house they tried to say I used the card myself. However, I always to her not to mess with it is a secure card. Some how she still made the mistake. I was never in trouble at work before then. They let me go because of what she did and held me responsible for the charges which were returned to the card.

If a credit card is in your name, you alone are responsible, no matter who uses it.

Misuse of government property is a serious matter.

In my 28 years of government service, I only saw one instance of someone getting in serious trouble for misuse of the government card. Most people received minor paperwork and remedial training. So either you had a very strict office or…

You need to report that your PT was revoked and you were fired for misusing government property.

That’s kinda what I was thinking and I’ve heard of some pretty blatant cases.

I already explained it to the investigator and on my SF86. I didn’t misuse it but my ex used it and when I saw a charge that I didn’t recognize I reported it. I tried to find the source and reverse the charge not realizing it was her until I found out where it was charged.
I finally did get those credit charges reversed but it wasn’t until after. The office was really strict and did not allow much. It was not revoked until several months after I was let go.

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Hi, I will contact you. I’m just trying to figure a way to get this issue resolved. Since it has been processing for 3 years but part of it could be that I took position with another agency and they started processing my clearance as well. The original agency didn’t release from processing until after 2 years.

Same. Know a guy who mistakenly used the govt card instead of his own at a strip club. Couple laughs later he had to pay the charge obviously but wasn’t a problem a got sorted easily. You’d have to use it and not pay or something which is stealing which yes you should get in trouble for.

It was paid back. I was required to pay it and it was. I never knew that the charges were made until I reported a unrecognized charge on my account when I was reconciling my balance.