I was a victim of Extortion, in need of advice

Two years ago I was extorted. I was on a dating app and talked with a woman. Nothing sexual or anything like that. All of a sudden the woman asked if I was interested in “services”. I said “no thank you” and blocked the person. The next day I got texts from the supposed “pimp” claiming that I needed to pay for the time I wasted his girl on that app. I initially ignored it but then kept getting texts and he was threatening to send men to hurt my family and mentions my sister’s and mom’s full name. (Later I found out that this is super easy to find out and anyone can do it). So, I freaked out. They claimed that if I sent $500 then they would leave me alone.

My biggest mistake is that I complied. I regret it till this day. It was sent to the Dominican Republic via wire transfer (they were using a fake number that used the same area code where I live in, which is why I became so afraid). After that, I called the police to file a report. I gave up as much evidence as possible and could not retrieve the money anymore.

I know this HAS to be explained to my investigator. I just called the sheriff’s office and they just gave me a copy without asking for any info besides the case number, so I imagine this can be easily found by an investigator. I want to be as proactive and upfront about it as possible. Is there a portion of the SF86 form where I can explain this? How much of a problem will this make my case to get a secret clearance? After reporting to the police I reported the account and deleted the dating app, changed my phone number, and removed the old phone number to any accounts associated with it. Ever since that day, I became less involved with social media and avoided posting hardly anything. I don’t add anyone I don’t know and even in real life I became much more cautious about who I talk to.

Sorry for the long post.

Hummm very unfortunate situation.

The only area I can think of for this info to be listed is supporting a foreign national - section 20 I think it is.

It’s probable the $500 went to a foreign national. However miner it’s $500 that person didn’t have until your situation came along.

If you don’t list the info and an interview is triggered for whatever reason at the end of the interview one of the extra questions gives you the chance to provide info not discussed or more info on what’s already been discussed.

Maybe others will have hints or guidance for you.

There is no need to list or report this incident as you have described,

If I do omit this information from the form, and the investigator finds the report (It is a public record and my sheriffs office does not ask for any credentials if you request it, so its very easy to find) would I be seen as dishonest? In your opinion, how would adjudicators view a situation like this if it is discussed during the interview?

Being the victim is not a reportable issue. You should not be questioned about this incident by an investigator unless there is more to your story.