Scam and Security Clearance

I have my appointment for Polygraph and medical exam in a few weeks, but a week ago I found out that I was victim of scam/fraud. I reported the incident to the FBI. What else do I need to do? How bad the scam will affect my COE?

Only thing I can think of is if weird things start showing up on credit checks. Do you have a copy of a police report? I’'m just thinking it might help to document your claim in case anything does come up.

I report the incident to FBI in person and the ic3 on line. I need to report it to the police. What else do I need to do?Thank you for your answer

Just have some record that you reported it in case it does turn out to be an issue.

I tried to report the scam to the police, but they told me I don’t need to do it since I reported it to the FBI and IC3. The Bank closed my account and reported to the Chexsystems, and now I can’t open any account with any financial institution. I tried to talk to the Bank about making myself responsible for the overdraft (criminals hacked my computer and stole all my personal information and got into my bank account) but they refuse to talk to me. I’m devastated, and feel my situation doesn’t have a good solution. What else do I need to do?

A little birdie tells me that there must be more to this entire situation!

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