Prosecution of others from an SF86

So I had my in-person interview with CounterIntelligence for secret clearance and one of the questions he asked was who gave me the MDMA/Molly pill I listed in my SF86. I gave him the name and number.

Can that individual get prosecuted for giving it to me? Will they even care/call him? Or is that unlikely since the point of the investigation is determining my character/loyalty/etc…?

Won’t get in trouble, but will likely contact them.

Thanks for replying!

Out of curiosity, if he’s not going to be in trouble then really what’s the point of calling him? Would it just be to corroborate what I said in order to further establish my level of honesty/credibility for adjudication purposes?

Correct. As you may have noticed, you were probably asked “who knows about this?” a bunch of different times during your interview. They’re basically looking to gauge your susceptibility to blackmail.

Can you please let me know how long after your SF86 was approved then you get an in-person interview?

So currently my clearance is in a state of “eligibility pending”, but I believe the sf86 was reviewed on Jan 4 and I received the pending status on Jan 27. My interview was Feb 7.

I’m just nervous for my friend because I wasn’t intending to potentially get him in trouble, I was just answering the agent’s questions and it was this one isolated incident.

He won’t get in trouble unless he confesses to murder or something.