IC Direct Hire over 2 years waiting


Has anyone here been waiting over 2 years from receiving a CJO for a direct hire position with one of the IC agencies? I have seen statistics in general but not much related directly to the IC community. I assume this is because some of the agencies conduct their own clearance/adjudication process. Based off timelines I’ve seen I haven’t seen much over 2 years and just wondering how many are out there over 2 year mark.


I’m over 950 days since COE and SF86 submission.


I’m over 950 days since submitting sf-86 as well


The IC agencies seem to have their own plan and their own progression for this. They may be leaving you hang until they have a position that they want you for or they may be waiting to decide where they want to try to put you.

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I myself have not been in this situation, but I’ve definitely heard of things like this. I don’t know how common it is but it does happen.


Just to add to the chorus to make you feel reassured…also over 950 here.


Thanks for the responses. It is somewhat reassuring seeing others with long waits even though that is not a good thing to have in common.

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Did you get the job??


@12months Nope I am still waiting to hear something. I saw @Trey3 post about phone call over weekend and I don’t even get those anymore. Haven’t talked to recruiter in awhile, left multiple voicemails to multiple people and nothing at all. Emails go unanswered also. I contacted senator awhile back and just waiting for reply. I don’t know what else to do.

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@hawk911, just stay patient and positive man. I’m doing the same over here. (Or at least trying to) :man_shrugging:t5:


I can relate anecdotal evidence of such things occurring. Some agencies use an approach that involves making CJOs, getting people cleared, and then letting them cool their jets til the agency finds an opening or a hiring manager bids on them.

The Foreign Service does something like this, but with them you can find out where you stand on the list and get an idea of what your chances are of getting called in a few months.

Have they completed an investigation? Have they done all that stuff to include dragging you in for various forms of interrogation?

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I think it’s funny when somebody wants to work in the intelligence community and then is surprised when the hiring process looks like a black hole.

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@EdFarmerIII, in all fairness… if you’re new to the process (and ignorant in some respects) I think it’s perfectly acceptable to allow a little of frustration to show, no?


Absolutely. Its totally unacceptable for any agency to allow this long of a wait. They are losing talent to private sector.

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As far as I know everything is complete. My background investigator actually called me when they finished everything and said they were sending off their report. I only had one investigator doing footwork and they were very open with everything they had to do. My polys and all that good stuff were completed back in late 2017. I am just really hoping that congressional inquiry jars something loose or gives some insight.

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@hawk911, I’d assume you have to be in just adjudication hell right now.

At least you’re completed in that regard.

(I still have yet to even speak with my BI… nor have any of my contacts been… well… contacted)

We’re pulling for you!


950 days + since CJO for me too. I haven’t heard of anyone getting through who started the process after me, either.

I’m already assigned to an office, too, and HR has repeately said that they position isn’t closed. It’s entirely possible that we’re just on the tail end of things, there’s some sort of bureaucratic hold-up, or they’re waiting for attrition to get us in there.

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I’ll be three years this coming July. After July, I will stop providing any travel updates and move on with other jobs. This is too much to endure. It doesn’t seem like anyone makes it after 3 years anyways


These days I cant even reach to a person to try to know my.status there is no provision to leave voice message either…


I am surprised they even told you that position is open still, which is beyond the usual canned response. Have they been more liberal with sharing information after your BI? When did you hear about office assignment, if you don’t mind me asking?