IC Direct Hire over 2 years waiting


Has anyone here been waiting over 2 years from receiving a CJO for a direct hire position with one of the IC agencies? I have seen statistics in general but not much related directly to the IC community. I assume this is because some of the agencies conduct their own clearance/adjudication process. Based off timelines I’ve seen I haven’t seen much over 2 years and just wondering how many are out there over 2 year mark.


I’m over 950 days since COE and SF86 submission.


I’m over 950 days since submitting sf-86 as well


The IC agencies seem to have their own plan and their own progression for this. They may be leaving you hang until they have a position that they want you for or they may be waiting to decide where they want to try to put you.


I myself have not been in this situation, but I’ve definitely heard of things like this. I don’t know how common it is but it does happen.


Just to add to the chorus to make you feel reassured…also over 950 here.


Thanks for the responses. It is somewhat reassuring seeing others with long waits even though that is not a good thing to have in common.