IC Poly and Adjudication Process


@cybernerd any update on your situation? Did you have to do a poly?


I am in the process of getting an Intel clearance (TS SCI FS Poly). Just trying to see what is the next step after this. Below is a timeline of events.

I submitted SF-86 on 26 Jan 18, credit report pulled

Feb 18-Conducted interview, co-workers, neighbors, and investigator informed me that SF-86 was accepted by the Client.

In 2015 lost my job for about a year, got behind on the mortgage and car payment, I took this job in 2017, I caught back up on all bills. I had to submit some paperwork showing that some accounts from years ago were paid off and that my mortgage/car payment was up to date (which they had been current for 90 days by this time).

Investigator called me to let me know that the Client accepted the SF-86 and wish me luck.

Jul 2018-I received a packet from my FSO which contained paperwork asking me to explain in details why I had fallen behind on my bills and how I planned to prevent this from happening in the future. I answered the questions, submitted back to FSO the following day for submittal back to the Client.

Does anyone have any insight into what’s the next step?


This would apply to all government agencies. It gives you the opportunity to show progress and explain. If it is explainable (spouse loses job, underemployment, under paid) it is understandable. Government folks lose spousal income as well, housing markets turn upsidedown, people lose their footing. We do the best we can, get caught up and press forward. The big picture is you caught up. That is what a responsible person does. Once the credit score recovered, you are fine.


June I applied
July I recieved Conditional Job Offer
Oct I DLPT’d
Oct and Nov I polygraphed with inconclusive outcomes, waiting to see if I’m still being considered.


Normally an inconclusive poly leads to a follow interview to resolve any outliers or explain why a certain area of questions caused issues. I have a few employees called back for a third poly. Never a fourth. If you are cleared at a lower level you can sit there quite a while in adjudication as they weigh the likelihood of impact. You are best positioned to understand what questions troubled you. If you were not completely honest…then you already know what the issue was. If there is a reasonable reason for the telemetrics…then it isn’t an issue.


What about people that are already cleared and need to go back for a poly?


Not unusual in the slightest to get a call back from Poly, even 5 months after taking the first one. Nor is it unusual to get called back for a follow up interview, or a follow up phone call. Right now I see 98% get 2 poly’s. 10 to 15% get three. On average where I work it is every 5 years, fresh SF86 and new round of Poly. Interestingly enough…some have been on this contract for many years, took one poly, have not been called back in 15 years. Others get them like clockwork every 5.


amberbunny, I’m assuming these are full-scope polys as opposed to the CI variety.


Absolutely. I have heard of short CI Poly’s or specific issue Poly’s being short. A full scope will take 4 to 5 hours. And you are normally drooling and babbling afterwards.


They called me back once. Three years later :roll_eyes: It was for a periodic update so I was still cleared and all that.


No matter how many times I ride that train…they don’t get easier, or “funner.” And I find myself aggravated by the preceding small talk.


When I was in the IC, I did. However DIA is infamous for their polygraphers being aggressive and more interested in failing people than finding out if they are honest or not. One believed I was using countermeasures, which I was not and an administrative judge later concluded I was not, but DoD security did not care.


Oh they can be hostile for sure. Good for you the Admin judge did the right thing.


I love the “well, you passed but you popped a little high on the (insert CI related topic here) part.” WTF does that mean?? Either I passed or I didn’t…!


All you can do is repeat the questions, hopefully your biometrics record the same range of normal responses. You have no way of knowing that and drive yourself nuts, amping up pressure, heartrate etc. It is not a fun thing to endure.


Do not question the process! Sit there quietly and take it!

I have my own theories about this but in the interest of keeping the discussion to a high level I will keep them to myself and save them for my tin-foil hat society.


No progress for me. Still allegedly processing, from calls.

Nov 16 - App
Jan 17 - In-person interview
Jan 17 - CoE
Feb 17 - SF86 Submitted
Jul 17 - Poly/Medical/Processing
Aug 17 - Met with BI

Nada since.


No progress for me either. 30 Months since COE.


I have almost the same timeline, except I apped in Jan 2018, no word yet.


28 months here. Nothing new besides a new contact card in the mail. They never answer their phone in any case.

We must either be insanely unlucky or they’re really, really backed up.