IC Poly and Adjudication Process


I got the card too. They usually pick up and tell me the usual saying ‘actively processing’.


Approaching 30 months since COE here. Polygraphed a year and a half ago and just had my BI interview last month!

Right when I think one thing is happening, they completely surprise me with going even slower than expected.


I am in a comparable timeline with many on here. Creeping up on two years since CJO. I’ve gone through the poly/psych/medical, BI was wrapped up about year ago.

I actually didn’t even know it was wrapped up until my program officer told me a few months later. I received a mission center assignment in the spring and that was about it. I had a follow up about 8 weeks later and from then on out radio silence. I’ve never received any contact card in the mail, or any communication.

A month ago I called and called to get an update. After about 6 tries I was able to get someone to tell me I’m “still processing.”


Interesting to see Polys before BI’s. I think…just a hunch…some feel the first steps of the BI were usually the easiest to screen candidates out. Credit, crim history etc. Now it may be they want Poly to eliminate folks so they need not do all the checks. My client will always initiate the BI and it runs about 8 months before Poly is scheduled. 18 months to 24 months is the norm.


I got BI interviewed ~ a year ago. Don’t want to disappoint, but you got ways to go.


Don’t worry. I am well aware. Oddly I did get minor clarity that my file was at adjudication (as it was described) and since my current investigation is near the reinvestigation point, they wanted to do a reinvestigation now. Hence the 2+ years between 86 submission and BI. Who knows if it will go back to the bottom of the pile or back to where it was.


If you are in adjudication, you already have been re-investigated. This is the part where they review and make a determination.


Amber bunny, this was my understanding too. However, I was told it was basically the adjudicator that wanted to see the reinvestigation done now instead of in a a few months. They were originally going to transfer my current clearance. Does this make any sense?


Yes that adds clarity. If one is close to the end of the scope, always good to get a fresh look at credit, possible crim charges, and possible drug use/misuse. All things being equal…no new negative info, you will get through the process. If you are aware of items…then likely those items could be an issue.


Well, that was fast. Friend interviewed two weeks ago. Adjudicated this week. Now, I guess I wait for onboarding.



I took my Polygraph two weeks, which lasted all day, didnt have to return for the following day.

I was told that it was headed to the adjudicator for review and that this could take anywhere from 3 months to a year.

Do you have any insight into how long its been taking your applicants on average to get adjudicated after taking the poly?


Let me guess… DHS? CBP?

I don’t think any other agency else even schedules a full day for a poly.


Full day of poly…rough.


It is for an IC group.


This will probably sound too familiar. I currently hold a clearance through DoD and am processing for a contractor position with IC. I manually submitted my sf86, which contained the same info from my DoD BI - adjudicated Nov 2016. Nothing has changed at all. I wonder if they will pull the SSBI from OPM and go from there? If not, are they going to contact the people on my SF86 like they did back in 2015? I’m guessing i’m too early in the process.


@yassal2017 If this is for the same agency you mentioned on FedSoup, then you can expect that they will perform another SSBI. Although these guys are part of the IC and should technically be able to use a favorably adjudicated SSBI, they are more scrupulous than most DoD IC components. They may consider some parts of your DoD BI in adjudication, but I can guarantee you’re getting a fresh SSBI with all the bells and whistles, including the same people (and possibly more developed references) being contacted.


Full day Poly may be morning session…and they had an opening for an afternoon session as well. a 4 to 5 hour poly is brutal enough. Breaking for lunch and expecting to go another 4 to 5 hours…eesh.


@amberbunny, this is what I have to look forward to; huh?


You are finally moving Trey…just enjoy the scenery for another 18 months.


@amberbunny… I don’t know if I told you, but I have my Poly/psych at the end of the month.

It’ll be a year (in march) since I submitted my SF-86… could it really be another 18 months after doing those things(Poly/Psych).

Side note: this IC agency dies its OWN background.