IC Poly and Adjudication Process


Each of those communities believe only “they” do it right and all others in those communities are “wrong.” I would think if you Poly twice in March, you will move to adjudication or have a follow up interview, then adjudication…I have waited roughly 5 months after poly one to be be told “come back for more fun.” And then about 30 days after the final Poly, a final phone call interview, and then I was re-cleared. Grand total of time was right at 18 months or so. So no not another 18 months, but after the first Poly you can easily still have 6 months.


@amberbunny… wow!!! I’m so glad I already have a job. :smirk:


Amber . . . I doubt that they think of it as “right” and “wrong” but it’s about concentration. Each agency has issues that they want addressed in different ways for different potential jobs.


Point taken. Having listened to each state “everyone should see the importance of X…” so I also think there is a lot of turf battle as well, human nature being what it is. But I understand what you are saying. DoD will move lightening fast on military clearances compared to some of the three letters. Is it a more thorough vetting, large amount of data to sift through…?


I think with the military, they are confident that they have a little more control over uniformed personnel than civilians (government employees and contractors). And even though most military don’t require a poly, I think they will get one if they are assigned to an IC agency.

Many years ago, when the world was still young (or at least I was), DIA would send imagery analysts to go work in CIA spaces at NPIC. They had to get the CIA poly. And every once in while, after failing to pass the poly, somebody would leave DIA and end up as a company commander at a basic training unit somewhere :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


What’s the longest wait time we’ve seen so far?

I’m approaching 1000 days since application. 900 days COE, 700 days since Poly.

This is getting a little ridiculous, no?


Yes it is. Which organization? Do you have a POC there you can contact?


Wait . . . You APPLIED for the job 1000 days ago . . . You received an OFFER 900 days ago and your poly about two year ago. It doesn’t matter, as far as your clearance goes when you applied or when you received your job offer.

The clearance process didn’t start until your prospective employer submitted your SF86 for processing.


Those stuck in adjudication for this length of time would surely know what items exist in their closet. Unless it is as one thread suggested people talking of a felony family assault that is a complete fabrication to the applicant. But we are always in the dark if the sponsor pulled back the package and didn’t tell the applicant. I think we all could use a dose of transparency in being able to see if we are still in the system and moving forward. It does a disservice to all if we must file FOI requests to see where we are.


SF-86 submitted Oct '16…Investigation open since Nov '16


Yeah, I know.

I submitted final, corrected SF-86 in January 2017. Still, an absurd length of time.


A good FSO would push the client for updates after 19 months or so. If this is a contract position they should reach back to the client for assistance.


Any advice for someone in an IC appeal process for guideline H?