IC Poly and Adjudication Process


@velcroTech, needless to say this entire process is frustrating.


Actually, I think you asked essentially that question. As @velcroTech noted, if you pass, you pass. That is the best possible outcome for you. If you’re accused of having used countermeasures, you won’t pass.


@Trey3 thanks for the luck. Same to you. Ironically I just scheduled my poly this morning for later this month. When will my nerves ever go back to normal with this process lol


@Rkf4ever, congrats!

Honestly, I don’t know… mine are still shot just thinking about it… and I KNOW what’s going to be asked of me.

But, still, I wish you nothing but the the best of luck!

(May I ask the position?)


@AntiPolygraph.org, even with that said… is it safe to assume that an “inconclusive” is still better than being accused of countermeasures or failing? Ie, if the readings come back the same?

(I promise not to bother you anymore…lol)


Yes, another inconclusive is better than being accused of countermeasures (which is the worst possible outcome) or failing (the second worst possible outcome).


@AntiPolygraph.org… thank you!

I promise not to bother you again… until… I do. :wink:


They told me immediately that both were inconclusive (the second poly took place the next day). As I was in the airport waiting for my flight home, the background investigator called me. To me, it sounded like the BI was initiated prior to my polygraph and the fact he called me the day I finished the second poly was likely just a coincidence.


@Nut, did they have anything to say about two inconclusive polys?


@Nut… wow…these people are insane…lol.


@Trey3 I’d rather not discuss the specific position but I will definitely agree on the nerves being shot regardless.


@Rkf4ever, I definitely respect that… understood.


I don’t know if I’ve posted timeline here or not. I am still processing for 2 different IC agencies and both have very similar timelines.

Summer 17 - CJO
Winter 17 - Poly, Psy, Med
Spring 18 - BG investigation (separate investigator for each agency) was informed by investigator their part was completed

Now all I receive are periodic phone calls saying I am still processing from one agency and bunch of crickets from other agency (can’t even get ahold of recruiter). The one thing they both have in common is not being able to tell me where I am in the process.


I have now scheduled both my poly and psych. For some reason I thought these were done at one time but I guess not…and the saga continues.


That is strange that they are not done on the same day. The room was filled with people when I did mine. Only thing I can think is if you are local and not remote they may schedule different days.
I did medical after poly and had to lay there awhile for my blood pressure to go down haha.


@hawk911, are you referring to Ft. Meade, ANJC?


Oh wait, medical??!! So I may have to schedule something else on another day? I am local, so maybe the multiple days makes sense.


We might be there at the same time this month lol. Did you have your psych the same day as your first poly?


@Rkf4ever, I had my poly and Psych the same day… last month on the 25th. I’m going back next Friday for my second poly.


Oh ok, you’re a week ahead of me on the poly. So you haven’t had a medical either? For some reason I was assuming when people referred to medical they were talking about the psych part. Silly me, smh.