IC Poly and Adjudication Process


@Rkf4ever, I didn’t even know there was medical in the process. I just assumed the psych and poly were the extent of it.


I’m processing with same agency as both of you I believe and it’s just poly and psych. I am also processing with different agency with involves medical check also. I’ve been through quite a few poly’s and submitted lots of info since agencies don’t talk to each other. Two complete processes. I did rack up some free airline miles though so that’s something positive.


Maybe it depends on the position. We’ll see soon enough.


@hawk911, we’re any of those polys “inconclusive…”?


1st was inconclusive and was told I passed 2nd for first agency. Both were inconclusive for the second agency but no mention of a third. All poly’s I gave exact same answers and felt exact same way but only passed one so take that as you will.


Thanks @hawk911, that’s what I’m afraid of… I don’t know what’s better if I come back inconclusive or pass and then be accused of countermeasures…lol.

May I ask which agency came back inconclusive twice and if you’re still processing with them?

(You can answer by location if that helps)


So I started this thread way back when. Everything turned out fine. Word of advice… don’t mind what other people are saying. There are so many people that say all this sh*t but have no clue. Like them saying two inconclusive polys and you have no shot… well, I had two inconclusives and I got through. Patience and everything will work out.


Thanks for coming back and updating us…I had been wondering since I stumbled across this post.


@thebunk03, I had an inconclusive last month… going back next week. I’m assuming your answers were the same which lead to 2nd inconclusive reading? What exactly did they say? Were the questions the same?


An “inconclusive” isn’t based on your answer to the questions but on the reaction that the machine measures when you give those answers.

You really have to understand how this process works and what “pass”, “fail” and “inconclusive” mean. They have nothing to do with being truthful or lying.


@EdFarmerIII, wanna help me out by explaining the difference?


Passing simply means that the operator believes that you are telling the truth. It doesn’t mean that the truth that you told will not prevent you from getting cleared. Failing simply means that the operator believes that you are lying or withholding information. While that’s a bad thing, it may well be that whatever information you failed to provide doesn’t prevent you from getting cleared (although I can’t see anyone failing a poly and then clearing, this is why they bring you back.) Inconclusive simply means that the operator can’t tell if you are withholding something.

As simple example: My birth certificate says that I was born at 2:36PM. My father agrees with this. My mother on the other hand says that I was born at 2:32PM. My mother was there but back in 1961 my father was out in the waiting room.

When was I born? I don’t know. If a poly operator asks me, “Were you born at 2:36PM?” I don’t really know if I should answer “yes” or “no” . . . Either answer could result in a “fail” or “inconclusive” because no matter which I actually believe, there could be enough of a question in my mind to trigger readings indicating that I may not be telling the full truth.

Of course, in this instance, the chance to explain the reason for the readings is pretty clear. But, what if the question was, “Have you ever stolen anything?” If you answer “No”, there’s almost certainly going to be a jump in the readings. Pens from work? A piece of candy or a grape from the supermarket? It doesn’t have to be car or bearer bonds from a bank vault to rattle you enough get questionable readings.


@EdFarmerIII, ok, thank you. That clears a LOT up. So, I can assume this is why the examiner kept asking me if there was something “no matter how small” I was NOT telling them?

…and with that said, the poly is full scope in nature: CI/Lifestyle… it was explained to me that both came back needing more “data”.

  1. I know, I’m NOT spy… so that alone was confusing.

  2. In the lifestyle, there’s nothing there because I already opened myself up to what you and I discussed previously about my drinking habits.


@EdFarmerIII Thank you for that breakdown. It helps me understand the process a little better.


@Trey3 I wouldn’t worry about poly too much. All you can do is tell the truth. Even if you are confident there is nothing else to say, the investigator can still say the results are inconclusive. If the “whole person concept” is actually used then the poly result isn’t going to matter much unless you do have something to hide.


My opinion is never capitulate. If you haven’t done anything, stand on your square. “Well, you passed, but you popped a little high on X.” What does that even mean?? Screw them. Don’t cave, don’t capitulate.


It means you passed :wink: everything after that is just for effect.


They poly’d me two more times after that. Turns out I had a guilty conscience about things I didn’t need to. Never capitulate!!


@bishop76, how many times have you taken the poly?


3 times the first time…only once the second time I sat for one. CI poly.