IC Poly and Adjudication Process

Boom!! Congrats! That is a decent bump of about 15K. Well worth the pushback.


Around $11,000 at the grade I was hired at!

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Well. Just got a letter, stating I was disapproved for access to classified information after a follow-up personal interview a few weeks ago. Offer rescinded. They’re going to send out a separate letter which details why I was disapproved, along with steps to review/appeal the decision. Poly is what did me in if I had to guess.

3+ years down the drain lol. Anyone have any experience with appealing/reviewing the security decision?

Anyways, I accepted another offer earlier this year from another non-IC government agency which required just a TS/SCI. Everything has been submitted for months now and I’m just waiting now. During the process, I told them I accepted an offer from the IC, was processing for a TS/SCI w/poly and was in the waiting game. They didn’t seem to care. Anyone know if the IC-clearance denial effect this clearance process?

Sorry to hear that.

If I am not wrong the denial does impact the future clearance outcome

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Generally, the CIA is a law unto itself as far as application processing is handled. Thus, denial there may not automatically affect employment in other agencies.

It can. Some agencies would still approve but you need disclose this to your new company clearance office. All is not lost. Find out what they were not comfortable with, sit down and seriously critique yourself and your behavior. If you feel it was incorrect, appeal. A clearance lawyer truly can help as they know what passes muster, how to answer, etc. Too many people submit not relevant material. It hurts their case. Please keep us posted.

Thanks for the information. I’m still waiting for the denial reasons to come back from the IC. My suspicion is I submitted not relevant material in the interest of fill disclosure. Everything I believe to have raised concerns happened almost 10 years ago as a junior soldier deployed overseas. Meanwhile, the other clearance at a different organization is still processing. Like I said, they didn’t seem to care at all when I told them I was processing for a clearance at the IC months ago. Should I disclose the denial to the new agency after I get my statement of reasons? Or wait and see what happens?

I do plan to do a free consult with a clearance lawyer once the paperwork comes through, but TBH I just can’t afford a lawyer at the moment. Does anyone really “win” with self-appeal?

Def use lawyer. You can be in a catch-22 if you had misconduct while cleared, even if outside scope. I always advise folks to reveal it or you will get BP amped up on polygraph, they pick at the scab, you deny, stress increases…and then you come clean. It’s the hiding and denying that usually trip a person up. You should get letter in 60 days. Is it prudent to tell your clearance office now not knowing reason? I would expect at least temp suspension of clearance, show letter, likely get rescoped by current agency.

Thank you again! I’m not working with the 2nd, non-IC agency just yet. I accepted a CJO w/the 2nd agency earlier this year and am in the process for a TS/SCI - everything was submitted in Spring. No polygraph was required w/the new non-IC agency.

Is it prudent to tell them? I don’t have a clearance atm. Should I hold off until I get a reason from IC or bring it up whenever a reinvestigation occurs later down the line (if I’m offered a FJO at the 2nd agency and have been gainfully employed for a bit.)

I know of a few people in the same boat as I. They were denied a clearance in the IC, but got their secret clearance bumped up to TS/SCI in DoD with no problem after the denial.

You could play the odds, wait for letter and notice of clearing if clearing in New job, then tell them…I consider this info very important, and fair for new agency to consider. But right now you don’t know what it is until you get letter. Any possibility you recall what questions seemed to bother you? Did adjudicator call to clarify anything? Is there anything you defended or played down? Honestly the applicant is almost always in the best seat to know what area of questioning might have a concern. If there was previous pot use, arrests, finance issues, etc. That could be an area of concern.

Quick question. Got a call that security wants to meet with me next month. Flying me in. It’s been about 3 years since I did my medtixal, ploy and background. I’ve been getting the “still actively processing” calls every other month since then.

Is this good news? Am I finally seeing the final line? What should I expect in this meeting?

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They don’t bring you in to deny clearance so it is either a good thing, or to clarify a response. I advise my people if they had finance questions, bring evidence of progress, bills paid, etc. I predict, barring new info you present…it is to clarify info and wraps up shortly thereafter.

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Gotcha, yeah I had some collections and whatnot that have been paid off for almost 2 years. Also, no missed payments in the last 4 years. Stuff that was in collections is all paid now. I kept each and every paid collection letter I got back or at least the date I sent in the final payment.

I did change employers to an entirely different field than the one I received the CJO for back in July 2021, besides that everything is the same.

There was a poster on here who just posted he got an FJO and was able to ask for more salary. Could I do the same seeing my CJO was over 3 years ago? Just factoring in inflation and the cost of living since then, I also have 2 more years of experience in that field and certifications I did not have when I first got the CJO.

You certainly can. Wait for offer then request consideration. They need cleared folk, and you will be one after a long wait. Bring all proof of resolved payment issues with you. Likely it is a meet with the adjudicator to verify it is clear. Showing up with it in hand…bonus points.

Just got the letter, suitability rejection for Dulles. No way to appeal, “apply in one year”. Went through the process early 2020, just redid medical. Everything looked good, no red flags, very boring person. Is there any chance for me in the future at this place?

My experience is that the Agency will encourage applicants to reapply, but in fact it’s pretty well game over at that point. Part of the problem is that the Office of Personnel and the Office of Security are often not on the same page.

I think we are in the same situation. I did my 2nd medical not too long ago after my initial processing, which was almost 3 years ago.

Four and a half years after starting the security process, I got the call!! And I negotiated salary up 2 grades + 3 steps!

My process milestones are:

  • 8/2017 – Initial application
  • 12/2017 – SF 86
  • 3/2018 – Poly & medical
  • 2/2020 – SF 86-C
  • 11/2020 – Whole new SF 86
  • 6/2022 – Called to re-do the medical
  • 8/2022 – Cleared security (TS/SCI) and FJO

(for anyone counting, that’s 1,695 days from SF-86 to FJO)

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Congrats. Im on 5+ years. LOL

Congrats!. Damn, that’s a long time.
I wonder if are they short-staffed overall there. I ask that because if it is taking people 3 to 4 years to get hired, what about people who quit, leave, move on or retire or get fired? Or is this one of the places that once you get in people normally don’t leave and end up retiring there?
I figure the attrition rate would make it that more people were leaving or retiring faster than it took to hire them.