IC Poly and Adjudication Process

Have you gotten yourself an EOD?

I saw above you had some rough timing on your lease (we signed our new lease 2 weeks before the call came…) Did they give any guidance or support on that front?

Yes. They will provide all the information you will need to move smoothly shortly after you have picked your EOD date.


Did you have to do any follow ups after your re-do medical?

Just some papers my physician needed to sign (sports injury). Once those were submitted, I heard back within a month and a half

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Thanks for your reply and the info! Hopefully mine gets cleared soon too!

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Suitability means screened out before adjudication. So you were not denied a clearance eligibility. Normally it means they want 12 more months distance from event “x” in your life. The “x” can be any of the adjudicated standards. Any. A slight dip in credit a few years ago…a foreign contact…use of MJ earlier. Not saying you did any of that. But they saw something…ended processing. I would apply again.


Anyone who completed medical for the 2nd time has any updates?