Ignition Interlock Device

Feb 2020 Charged with a DUI.
** I had a DWI back in Aug 2016 and received a PBJ.
March 2020 Voluntarily enrolled into a outpatient alcohol treatment counseling
March 2020 voluntarily enrolled into Ignition Interlock Device (IID) program
Nov 2020. Plead guilty to DUI. Paid a $353 dollar find. Ordered to keep IID for 24 months back dated to March 2020 and return to court Nov 2021 for a probation modification hearing.

Do DCSA review Iand report IID reports to the DODCAF?

I admitted to one IID technical violation when asked by the DCSA.
I had an attorney write a statement requesting the violation be removed due to residual and false reading. Never received feedback from the MDOT.

I infomred the DCSA agent of my technical violation (not a probation violation) during my interview on June 2020. My BI was closed on August 2020.

Appreciate feedback from personnel with experience in this topic.

Thank you.

The investigator will write up everything they uncover (which is quite a bit) and include that in the report sent to the adjudicator. I am not now or have I ever been an investigator, but I can’t imagine what information an investigator would dig up that would NOT be included in the report.

Thank you for the reply. I was honest about everything the investigator ask so we’ll see how it plays out.