Inpatient drug treatment program

Employee takes FMLA for a shoulder surgery…FMLA paperwork arrives…states patient entering In patient drug treatment program. Obvious clearance concern. Certainly will spark re-investigation to understand circumstances. I applaud anyone seeking help but wonder if there is more to this issue. If it turns out as I suspect that his VA doctors kept prescribing OXY painkillers over a far too long period of time, and finally is seen holistically where a doctor reviews the entire history and length of time on the prescription, and suddenly is alarmed at the far too many prescriptions of pain meds (all legit, all prescribed by competent medical authority, all taken as directed) and wants the patient clean before attempting surgery…I see this as different than one who takes pills to get high or knowingly abuses a prescription. If the person legitimately sought medical care and VA doctors simply kept writing painkiller prescriptions without reviewing the length of time…surely that would come out in the BI. If there was never any abuse such as taking more than prescribed…I see a possibility of maintaining clearance, absence any other factors or twists.

Thoughts please?

Absolutely! Actually, I don’t see it as getting that far down in the weeds on the BI as medical professionals are only required to provide diagnosis, prognosis, and whether the person’s judgment can be trusted with national security. Of course it is incumbent upon the applicant to gather and provide mitigation for any concerns, but don’t see it as a disqualifier.

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For any drug/alcohol treatment, records are required and to talk to a medical professional at that facility. As long as the notes are written clearly that the person took medication as prescribed and completed the in patient therapy, I don’t see the problem especially as it was all prescribed.

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Thanks folks. Always good to see the pro’s see it the same way. Obviously I carry forth the info and report it through the Security office of the client. I want to make sure they pause to gather the info. And I am hoping the info is as I suspect it is. Spent to long on the meds, needs get off prior to surgery.