Interim Clearance process--do know more than the security clerk?

My Secret clearance is supposedly in adjudication after having an OPM investigation closed a year ago.

I just changed Navy reserve positions and I believe that the First Class Petty Officer in Admin is incorrect about my ability to be granted an interim clearance by the Commanding Officer. My read of the SECNAV instruction 5510.30B is that the CO can grant temporary (interim) clearances to individuals with closed investigations and that this authority lays at the local level with the CO.

The YN1 is saying that because my “Eligibility” field in DODCAVS reads “N/A” that I am ineligible for any security clearance–even an interim. Isn’t it basic security terminology that the “Elibiligibility” field is actually the security clearance and denotes what level of access a person is “eligible” to acquire given the appropriate need to know?