Involuntary commitment to mental hospital


What are the chances that an involuntary commitment to a mental hospital is found if it is over 8 years ago? Do you check the database that the gun dealers do?


It may depend on where it occurred as to whether the local law enforcement and courts report it to the FBI for informational purposes or not. Also known as being Baker Acted, quite often the police do not bother submitting any information. Regardless, if it was more than 7 years ago it should not be an issue as long as you have no current problems.


Do you know if there is any way to find out if that information has been reported to them?


The only way is to submit a FOIA request to them directly (see their website link on my latest blog article). Unless you have had a background investigation done previously, in which case you can request a copy of it directly from OPM.


Can you direct me to this article? I am having difficulty finding it.


Go here and exlpore the site for FOIA requests: