Joining the Guard as Civilian with TS

Not sure if anyone has experienced this or not.

I am a civilian working in the private sector for a big name aerospace contractor. I recently chose to join the National Guard and am undergoing the process of joining right now.

I talked to the recruiter about my situation and he said something about the clearance being a “Civilain DoD TS” and what I would be needing is a “Military DoD TS”, I guess they are different? How does that work exactly? My TS is currently in JPAS, which as I understand it is a pretty broad database that all DoD clearances are house in. I guess my question is, does a DoD in one branch of the military (say Army) differ from the Airforce or Navy? How about a DoD TS from the Airforce and a DoD TS from a civilian company (say Lockheed, Boeing, etc.) working on a contract for the Airforce? In this case wouldn’t they be identical?

Don’t count on the recruiter being completely knowledgeable of security clearance info.

You may be required to fill out a new SF-86/eQIP but hopefully they can pick up your civilian clearance quickly.

Assuming the new DISS works the same as JPAS, you will then have two records, a civilian one and a military one.

To sum up, the military should be able to grant you a clearance based on the investigation that was completed for your civilian job. There may be some clearances/accesses you will have as a uniformed services member that you won’t have as a contractor (and vice versa) but it can all be based on the same investigation.

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The recruiters rarely understand the security process. If you already have a DoD TS, DoD is not going to spend money to have you do another TS.

Or the HR department.

Or the armchair adjudicators on this forum.

Or anyone who does not work in personnel security.


Believe it or not they did! I just finished filling out a new SF86 a few weeks ago and have already been scheduled for an interview with an BI. A little surprised myself. Not sure if that means my current “civilian” DoD TS is not longer valid, or that it is still valid and will now be getting this “military” DoD TS in addition to my civilian. I used to think I had a good grasp on DoD clearances, boy was I wrong.

Just a waste of taxpayer funds… you should still be valid.

I hear our government tends to do that from time to time. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The mind wobbles.

You’d think in this day and age of trying to slaughter the Backlog Monster it would work otherwise.

The only thing I could possibly think of is my CIV DoD TS investigation is out of scope (as of February 2021), but then again who knows.

Which adds a new element in the equation…

New element meaning what exactly?

Edit: the investigation is out of scope, but as far as I can tell the TS itself is good for (5 years?) since the investigation. So in my case 2024. Correct me if I am wrong

Now I am confused. When did your previous investigation close? Your gaining agency might have requested the investigation if you were close to a needing a periodic invesitgation.

I don’t know exactly when the investigation was officially closed, here is what I know. I last talked to a BI around October 2018, some time later, I was told I was granted my DoD TS on February 2019. So based on that info my investigation must have closed anywhere between Oct’18 to Feb’19

That puts you fully in scope, 10/18. I have no idea why you were required a new investigation unless your gaining agency routinely requires new investigations.

Perhaps you are right.

Based on what you said my clearance is still in scope but the investigation is out of scope?