Command requesting I submit for TS


I accepted a new contract with the Navy about 5 months ago as a System Engineer. I currently hold Interim Secret.

Today, I got an email from the command security manager telling me that I need to submit paperwork for a TS. I was never aware that a TS is required for this position.

Is a TS a requirement for any privileged account holders within DoD or does it vary by branch/location.

My concern with submitting this paperwork is that I am a naturalized citizen and immigrated from Ukraine at age 11. I am now in my 30s.
And second, since my secret is still ongoing, how will it affect the outcome.


The position is what drives the clearance eligibility requirement. At least that is how it is supposed to work. So yes the new position may require access to TS, and that means you would require the background investigation. Have no fear of being naturalized. If you are legal you are fine. Is the interim Secret with DoD/Navy as well? It can cause issues and bump the Secret BI out. The TS requires a much deeper review, 10 year look back, and at times a polygraph. If it is an Intel position, it most likely involves a Poly. It can be CI, Lifestyle or full scope which combines all of them into one lovely afternoon or morning. So in short, if the new job requires you access a TS system you absolutely must be cleared TS to fulfill that function. You can ask to be brought aboard once the Secret investigation completes, or be brought aboard with them knowing you are not yet cleared TS. Once the Secret is approved, you once again submit the SF86 or Equip product and it initiates the TS check. You will indicate previous clearances granted and the dates. They SHOULD use that information as part of the TS check. Should.

Thanks for the response Amberbunny. After enquiring further, it seems to be a TS investigation to determine eligibility/access only… so in a way SSBI investigation.

Not sure why they would ask for that when they know I’m still at interim level.