Jurisdiction issue of JPAS account

I was extended a final offer from a government agency (agency A) with an interim TS being granted from the same agency. After I returned all the forms (including w2), I guess agency A had set up everything in the system, preparing me for the start of the work. However, in the week just before my start date, the offer was cancelled. Then, agency A closed my clearance case in JPAS without entering the already granted interim TS, my citizenship information, and place of birth. This is because the information (interim TS, citizenship information, place of birth, etc) are supposed to be entered into JPAS on the very first day of my work, but I didn’t go to work at all due to the offer cancellation. Furthermore, no separation date was entered, either.

Now, a government contractor (company A) is trying to get me a secret clearance. Since no separation date was entered by agency A, company A is unable to take the jurisdiction of my JPAS account over and enter the necessary information (citizenship information, place of birth, etc) for a final adjudication decision.

My concern is: if all my future employers (including my current employer) couldn’t take over the jurisdiction of my JPAS account due to the incomplete separation by agency A, what could happen to my future employment/clearance? Or, in other words, what could be the negative influence of this incomplete separation to me? As a last note, I could still submit new E-QUIP via the JPAS system.

Any advise on this matter would be appreciated.