Lack of contractor response

It seems to be to be the prevailing thing lately…the lack of BI contractor response. What has been everyone’s experience? Does not matter if it was for FT or 1099.

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Yep no response is the norm! I get that they are probably overwhelmed. But I think they should follow up at least with those who have had an actual interview

What’s an interview? A vast majority of us have not even had that luxury…even though a good number of us have many years of experience in the field…myself included.

Yeah that’s what I’m hearing! I have a lot of years on the contract. But I’m still in the same boat as you all because they have said nothing.

As an IC with SCIS, I have not had a new case in several weeks. I haven’t seen any emails from management about when the workload will change or if it will change. I don’t know if it is like that throughout all postings with SCIS, but in my area (near an Army BCT/AIT, AF Tech school, and AF base and several DOI and DOT locations) there is zero work. I keep thinking that some comms will come down and address the situation but crickets.


That’s very concerning. At a very minimum there should be communication as to what is going on. I don’t think the DCSA vendors (CACI, Perspecta, and SCIS) even know when/if the work will come to them.

True – this has been a very difficult time for all the SCIS contractors. The industry traditionally has reduced caseloads during this time of year, which is what we have communicated with our group of ICs. The customer has not shared any information, which makes it more frustrating. Please reach out to your Contractor Liaison at any time via phone or email to discuss the situation. As soon as we hear anything from the customer, our ICs will be the first to know as SCIS’ CLs maintain a weekly rhythm of information to our ICs.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I hope the workload does change for everyone in the industry. But the slowdown has been since June/July, anyone that has been working this contract for a period of time realizes that this is not the normal slow down due to fiscal year or even the change over to DoD. This has been a paradigm shift. Don’t take my prior message as a negative experience against SCIS. It has not been. I’ve worked for USIS/Omni/CACI and SCIS has been by far a better experience than the others and I would recommend them over the others in a heartbeat.
But, I was trying to relay to the ones that are hoping to get onboard with another vendor that the work has yet to come back and there hasn’t been any comms as to when it will or if it will. Which I hope .gov does give some update soon to every vendor.


Thw current atmostphere is very confusing cux meanwhile got hired with Perspecta a few weeks ago as IC and I’ve just received equipment from them yesterday. Gotta take brief training this week and told to expect work by next week… We’ll see

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Did you get work InvestigatorX?

Just got DCSA creds this week and updated PIV today… Work is expected to be assigned by tomorrow /Monday

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Anyone had to submit an updated EQIP? If so…what was the turn around time? Due to the layoff my clearance lapsed and I had to do that.