Life After Loss of Jurisdiction

Dear all, as of January 2019 I am on an LOJ status from a TS clearance. I would like to stay in the DoD sector as I have been for the last ten years. However, I am aware that the LOJ marketability is far less optimum. Any pro-tip, insight, advice, suggestion, etc. is welcome.

So this was just a situation where your contract company lost the contract? Or did you experience a revocation? Loss of a contract is meaningless. Any cleared company can cross you over if it was simply a loss of contract…

I experienced a revocation and was later able to have my TS reinstated. However, my firm decided to let me go as they could not understand that in order for me to get my SCI back I still needed to be sponsored by them. So my Periodic Reinvestigation (PR), which was almost done, fell through in the end of 2018. I hope this clarifies?

Seems to be a bit more to the story for anyone to give a clear direction. Can you explain more on circumstances, reason for revocation, how you appealed, how you overturned? If your TS is intact, and you have no marker stating you are not SCI eligible, you would simply apply for any cleared position, and tell them you have TS eligibility, having previously held a TS SCI. You will likely need a new SF86, will need speak to the revocation as well.

Thank you for your feedback. It gives me some needed clarity. Previously, I have discussed my situation extensively on this platform; therefore, I decided to ask about the LOJ matter alone. Not sure if you are able to see my other posts. I did not want to clutter my post with redundant information. Thank you again.

Refresh me, readers digest condensed version if you can