Listing disgruntled supervisor

We all heard about disgruntled employees…but what about disgruntled supervisors.

I had 8 supervisors over the course of 4.5 years. I had moved on to a new job for 2 years but am looking for another position. If I am required to fill out SF 86, I have no problem with my current supervisor being contacted, as long as it is not during performance evaluation as I hate to see my payout go toward someone else because my supervisor thinks I wouldn’t need it. However, I don’t know what the 8 other supervisors, all of whom had been moved out or even forced out of that single position. The last one actually blamed me and a few other folks for not staying in a sinking ship as a reason for him/her being forced out. On section 13 (Employment History), should I expand on that in the additional page provided. Honestly, I don’t even know where he/she works now and can’t recall his/her last name and actual first name as he/she used either a middle name or nickname. I know two managers retired, 2 moved to another companies, and 3 lingered around but in lower role for similar pay.

I hate to pass the technical check, criminal and financial checks, and be turned down because a disgruntled former supervisor bad mouth his/her former employees. Technically, are people considered supervisors if they never performed year end evaluation on you or was not there long enough?

Any information provided by a source would be corroborated by another source. For the most part, unless there was a written record of misconduct on you or you were terminated due to misconduct the interviews with supervisors generally don’t result in anything that would affect your ability to attain a clearance.

No written record of misconduct on me. I have spotless employment record since high school with the same agency. The last 4.5 years there was strange as we had 8 managers rotated through, all are friends of upper management. Some kept their GS-14 grade when removed from of the job and some were forced to retired. Of all of them, the last one was the least qualified and got forced out when he couldn’t keep employees such as myself from leaving in drove. Of course, I can’t prevent them from adding stuffs to my employment record or performance evaluation after the I left, effectively moved up from regular position to technical manager at an HQ office, but I signed nothing and have no knowledge of any blemish on my employment record. IF there was anything bad, I would not be accepted at my current job.

My current management and co-workers love me but the D.C. commute is just too much. I have solid references consisting of GS-15s and SESs.


I did not meant ability to keep or attain clearance. I meant the ability to not be eliminated because a disgruntled former manager badmouth me. I’ll be sure to use the extra space provided to explain the whole entire ordeal so investigators or future employers are aware of the circumstance.

One of my mentor was forced to retired for helping me find a job. My current employer is fully aware of that situation as that mentor worked in this agency before as is still highly regarded. But I am expanding my job search scope pretty wide.

An investigator once told me that they understand that people sometimes have an axe to grind and can sometimes be vindictive, but unless they can come up with specific examples of misconduct that directly reflect upon your trustworthiness, their comments usually do not amount to much.

The one story he mentioned was a supervisor who described a situation which others were able to corroborate. And of course, as the investigator, he did not know how things turned out, but that was the one story he shared with me of a bitter supervisor making an allegation that resulted in a significant finding.

Thanks Squirrel.

I am not concern about clearance but rather be marked as at-risk employee by a vindictive temporary supervisor, who was in fact removed from the job.

If I am required to list supervisor from that troubled time that the agency went through, I want to list all 8, causing me to find different employment as I got fed up with telling temporary management my role and none of them were ever around long enough to start and complete an actual evaluation; therefore, payout only went to a few people decided by upper management without first line supervisor input. I’ll use the extra space to list all and the disposition of the position. Of course, I don’t know how they were removed but I know we kept getting new supervisors and employees started leaving. It was the biggest turn over shop I had ever experience in 20 years with the government.