Lived overseas for childhood; foreign passport holder

I am a dual citizen and I lived overseas between the ages of 2 and 18. During this time period, I traveled to other countries using my foreign passport. As I am required to list every country that I have traveled to using my foreign passport, I am wondering if I need to include every departure/arrival dates for the country that I lived in. For example, if I traveled to the US from Jun-Aug 2004, then again from Jan-Apr 2005 (as random examples), should I include my re-entry dates as “Country X Aug 2004-Jan 2005” “Country X Apr 2005 - Jun 2005” for every time I left and came back to the country that I was living in at the time?

Thank you!

You should take it to be as literal as possible, and if this needs to be clarified in the interview, then explain how you read the question and be open to answering further questions if necessary.

If you used the passport for entry to a country (typically meaning that it got stamped), then you should count that usage. You could further count the times that you used the passport for re-entry to your home country, but if you don’t have enough space, then just include the stamped countries and explain that you went back to your place of residence (foreign country) each time. They should be able to figure that out by cross-referencing your places of residence from Section 11 with your passport usage from Section 10 (at least for the last 7 years).

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The request is every country you have traveled to on that passport and the dates. The reference to foreign countries is meaning foreign to US. If you traveled back to you native country, or any other country, it would be the dates of departure and reentry to the US. All countries traveled to on the foreign passport are required to be listed to the best of your knowledge.