LOI in one job, resigned...now offered another job

My husband was a probationary employee with an interim secret clearance. Due to dates not matching up from his Veterans Affairs files, he was send an LOI from DODCAF. It was an honest mistake as we did not have access to his files until 3 months after filling out the SF86. Since he was probationary, he was given the option to resign instead of being terminated. This was two weeks ago. He just received a tentative job offer from another command needing a secret clearance. My question is…can he fill out a new SF86 and start over again? Is there a certain period of time he would have to wait to retry for a clearance? Thank you for your help in advance!!

Some things are a bit sketchy in your scenario, if he filled out an SF-86 and was sent a letter of interrogatory from the adjudication facility, that means an investigation was completed. If they decided to allow him to resign that means they had enough probable cause to make an unfavorable decision on his clearance application. Because an investigation was completed but not favorably adjudicated, then any other agency that would want to hire him would have to request a copy of the completed investigation and review it before granting a clearance. They may or may not see the issues the same way, but would definitely see what was previously submitted.