LOJ and Reinvestigation

I had a secret clearance while I was a contractor. I was due for a standard 5 year reinvestigation because I believe I was slightly overdue for it. I ended up getting terminated from that contracting job due to a supervisor dispute (an entirely different story where I made a formal HR report). However, my supervisor told me that there was an issue with my security clearance and that’s why I was terminated. A couple days later, I contacted the company FSO to see what the issue was and they told me that my clearance was fine and still active. So I just took it as my supervisor lied to me to prevent further confrontation.

Anyways, I did not get another government or clearance required job. This was approximately 2 and a half years ago.

My question is, if I ended up having an LOJ, would that drop off since my clearance expired anyway? I am trying for another clearance job. Would I just be starting over as if I was getting a fresh clearance?

I did do a FOIA request for my reinvestigation and it looks like it did get sent to the adjudicator but they probably did not process it before I was terminated.

I can try to provide other info if I know it, otherwise, thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Edit: I reviewed my ROI from a FOIA that I had requested for the reinvestigation and saw that it had an OPM assessment code of “B” which is known to be moderate issues.