Looking for CACI POC/Recruiter

Hello all. I applied to a few CACI Entry Level Investigator positions and haven’t seen any movement on my applications. Is there a CACI employee here who can help me get in contact with a POC so I can ask about them?

Be grateful you haven’t heard anything. Horrible company. Will treat you with less than zero respect.


So we can’t post identifying information in this forum but we are easy to find on LinkedIn

I just got interviewed and they didn’t even know they didn’t have positions in my area and when i asked follow up question, they went “Dark”. Very unprofessional.

I worked for CACI a few times in the past on non-BI contracts and they have gotten consistently worse.

Wow, very different experience than what I had. I was interviewed and hired very quickly. Hired on experienced and was able to get started within a few weeks. Just had to do an update on my eQIP sign some documents, take my DCSA test, and have DCSA approve my Creds. It was a quick and easy process.

Hi HR2C. I took a look at Linkedin and there are dozens of CACI recruiters. Any suggestions on which one I should email?

Coincidentally, at the exact same time I was posting the last rely to you I received an email from CACI saying that they are looking at my application. It looked to be an auto-generated email, so I am not sure if I should hold my breath, but this seems like good news.