Loss of jurisdiction on my secret clearance

I am recently retired from the Army and I thought I still had time on my secret clearance but apparently I loss jurisdiction due to being charged with assult. But the charges were dropped. Also I was already out processed out of the army when this came up. I filled out another equip questionnaire. How long can I expect to get all of this cleared up? I have been offered an amazing job opportunity overseas but I need a secret clearance.

There are people on hear that have waited over a year for a secert. Im currently waiting on a secert from DoS and its been 10 months, been in Adujdacation for almost 5 months. You are starting all over, its going to be awhile. Im retired military, held a secert, TS, TS/SCI they do not matter. The process starts all over again once the clearance you go in active.