Low risk (sf85): employment check business no longer exists

Hello everyone, I had a question about low risk employment check

In the past 5 years I’ve only had two employers. During college I worked at a small restaurant but they closed /sold the business recently (college town, so lots of businesses changed). They’re not a chain so there’s not a head office, just my supervisor. I haven’t kept in contact with them, but provided the last contact information for them that I had, which might not be correct anymore.

If they can’t get in contact with me previous employers, would I be rejected or is there a way they usually handle that?

I’ve read there’s no interview, and if it did cause an issue, would I get an opportunity to give more information?

Thank you for your help.

I have had instances where an employer has no record of me and my response is the w2s that they paid me, so they might just have bad records. Not for my current thing, but for private companies doing thier own BG checks.

I doubt it would be a show stopper.