Medical issues and debts

I am currently employed with a Secret clearance with DOD as a Civilian.

Six years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. Due to the medical bills, I fell behind on some credit card payments. All were less than $2,500 combined. They went into charge-off (three accounts) and all have been paid in full since this period of time.

I currently have no debt outside my student loan, which is current and around $10K.

We are switching over to the new system so my clearance is being reinvestigated since it’s older than 5 years. I will report my mistakes, but how bad is this? I still have cancer (it’s treatable for life but incurable), but we have now included these costs into our yearly budget and built a savings so we shouldn’t run into financial issues again. Otherwise, I have no issues - no legal issues, no drugs/drinking/gambling, no foreign contacts, no overseas travel, same job the last 7 years, etc…

You should have no problems if you reported the debts six years ago. You will have to explain if you didn’t report, but don’t compound the problem by not reporting on your SF86.

We don’t pry into the medical condition unless it is a specifically listed mental health condition.

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