Medical Ketamine Usage

I suffer from treatment-resistant depression as diagnosed by my doctor. Recently, medical ketamine (esketamine) has been approved by the FDA. Does that mean that I can try it for my depression, or is it still federally illegal? I am trying to explore my options to return to an optimal place of well-being. I know that medical marijuana is actually contraindicated for my condition because it can eventually worsen mood disorders in the long run, and so I will not be trying that. Any insight would be very much appreciated.

If it is prescribed by a doctor then it should not be a problem.

Isn’t ketamine a hallucinogen? I think it is also used as a tranquilizer/anesthetic for small animals.

Good rule of thumb, if it has a street name, don’t use it without a prescription.

Ketamine aka Special K.

I was interested so I did a little research (maybe two minutes worth) and I see that esketamine is not the same as ketamine. What I thought was interesting (to the extent that I understood) was that esketamine is a “fast acting” antidepressant, so I guess that is different from most medications for depression which can take several weeks to take effect.

Yes - this is what is being purported by scientists in the field. I’m hoping that it would not be a problem if I were to be prescribed it and supervised by a doctor. Thank you for the help.

Thank you - the key phrase here being “without a prescription”, and so I would intend to get a valid prescription if I go this route.

I’m not sure if it’s a hallucinogen as I’ve never taken it, but I know it’s used in the party drug ecstasy/molly. It is used as an anesthetic, but not sure if for animals or humans. I’m hoping that if it’s prescribed by a doctor then it would be fine…but unsure. Thank you!