Moderate Risk Public Trust Clearance Reinvestigation

Due to public trusts now being reinvestigated in 5 yearish windows and my 5th year anniversary will be March/April 2020 so had me wondering about my chances of being denied.

A little backstory in my situation in 2016 me and the wife went to Hawaii and while we were there we bought into a timeshare (stupid l know and I consider myself fairly intelligent) but anyways, they are literally a legal scam. We always have had trouble using it and nothing in the sales pitch really turned out to be true.

Fast forward to 2018 after religiously paying the timeshare mortgage loan on time and not really being able to use it we consulted with a lawyer and leading 3rd party advocacy group that helps people get out of timeshare contracts for these specific reasons. Both have said the only option would be strategic default which is stop paying the loan and fees then negotiate the contract exit. Granted this means credit can and will be effected until its cancelled and removed which can take 6 months to a year.

The debt will likely be canceled prior to my reinvestigation but I’m sure it will still be on my credit report.

My question/concern is would this likely deny my moderate risk public trust from being renewed?

Again no other accounts are in bad standing, no law violations, no speeding tickets, no employment issues, no other financial issues etc.

Thanks for the advice!

Should say this is a contract air traffic controller non-sensitive moderate risk public trust using the SF-85P with the Federal Aviation Administration.

From my understanding the suitability criteria is different and less stringent than the 13 adjudicative guidelines that is used for secret/TS clearances but maybe I’m reading it wrong.

I also previously held a Secret Security clearance from 2007-2015 with the DOD. It has since expired but had zero issues during that time frame and it expired due to leaving the military with an honorable discharge.

Like I said previously, above is the only issue I have ever had. No other credit problems, no drinking, no drugs, no speeding tickets ever, no issues in the military, no employment or performance issues past or present.

Chances they deny my public trust reinvesigation due to my 1 issue above?

Anyone? 99.9% of all information I have found or read pertains to secret or higher and references the 13 adjudication guidelines. There seems to be a very small percentage pertaining to suitability regarding non sensitive public trust.

Hence the name of this site is the clearance jobs blog. There is plent of material in the blog articles on suitability as well, so advise you just do your own research.


Thanks for the response. I wasnt specifically meaning this site and blog didn’t have information but just in general on any site. It mostly references 13 guidelines for security clearances.

Based on your experience would you see me having an issue on my reinvestigation for MRPT based on the single issue in my credit history?

Suitability guidelines are almost the same as for a clearance minus certain areas such as foreign preference/influence, etc. Credit history as a whole is what is looked at and one delinquent debt will not be disqualifying. Just be prepared to explain and provide supporting documentation.