Moderate Risk Security Clearance - Employment History

I had another question pertaining to my background check. I worked under the table for about a year. I know that I should include that on my eqip, but I have on my resume that I started it in November 2017, though I didn’t regularly start working there until February 2018. Is this a problematic discrepancy? It was a music store and there is honestly not a single record of my actual start date.

I also quit a few high school/college jobs with no notice which I did not include on my resume because they were not applicable. Not all of my jobs were quit without notice, but I had four food service jobs and I quit them without notice. Are these big issues? I plan to include them on my form.

Many people leave jobs off of their resume. Particularly when they don’t relate to the job that you are trying to get and when you have relevant job history to use. The problem with working under the table is that it is only legal if you reported the income on your tax filing and paid the taxes due. I’m sure that you didn’t. This is where the problem might come up and what you need to be concerned about. You have shown that you are willing to skirt the law.

Now . . . many people have done this when they were younger. I don’t know when, where or why your job was under the table.

That job was part time during college, so I “officially” started feb 2017 and left feb 2018, after I graduated. Is an under the table part time college job really grounds for a clearance denial?

As I said . . . It shows a propensity to skirt the law . . . It all part of a larger process.