Monthly Expense Worksheet Doesn't Match Credit Report

Hi all –

My spouse is in the midst of a investigation for an agency where he’s already been working TDY for a while - now he’s being hired permanently and has gone through a FS poly (passed) and just had his interview with the BI.

My concern that I realized is that his monthly expense worksheet (?) I guess he filled out doesn’t perfectly reflect the credit report that I know they pulled (but they pulled it about 2 weeks prior to the interview based on the hard check he got on his credit report).

We have zero delinquencies, late payments, or other dings.

The discrepencies between the worksheet and credit report would be: 1 credit card, 1 tuition loan (small, under 10k), and a higher balance on a couple of cards.

Is this something you think the BI will follow up with him regarding? I am hoping not, as it’s been 10 days and no questions – he’s been easy to clear in the past for the same position.

Thanks, I’ve been an anxious mess.

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$10K is hardly “small” in this type of investigation.

Thanks – agreed. I was just referencing in terms of education loans, since we are both familiar with much higher typical student loan burdens than that.

To clarify, this was not anything that needed to be disclosed on the SF86, and nothing is, or has been, late or delinquent.

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