My first TS/SCI reinvestigation - clearance crossover question

I originally got my TS/SCI when I was in the Army, and after I left active duty, started working as a contractor overseas. This was about 2 years ago. At the time, I had to wait for a “clearance crossover” to occur between DIA (it was a DIA contract) and DoD which issued me the clearance. The process took months, but had to be completed before I could start working.

Fast forward to a few months ago. I’m coming up for re-investigation. I opted to have my clearance renewed through the Army Reserves, rather than the specific company I work for as a contractor because I didn’t know my long term plans for staying with the company.

With that said, do I need to worry again about the clearance crossover, given my clearance is being reinvestigated by DoD?

I didn’t want to make a new thread, but had another question:

I have repeated travel to Russia/a 3 year Russian visa, and plan to go to Belarus soon for vacation…is this a reason for concern or is it fine if I just report all my travel? In some cases, I reported my travel months after the fact because I wasn’t affiliated with DIA at the time of travel.

. Travel to Russia and Belarus will raise red flags. It doesn’t mean you are doing bad things, but I guarantee both the Russian and Belarus government already know US citizens that are cleared and you may even face harassment when you arrive: lengthy questioning, interrogation at port of entry, separation from other family members, and they as well may be subject to the same. Your company may hold the clearance and have their sponsored clearances investigated by a separate agency outside of DoD, or it may be part of the same family. When they are separate it isn’t unusual to have two BI’s running. Depends on the level of sharing between the two. As for the re-investigation affecting the crossover…once you crossed over…it was done. Now, if your re-investigation pulls the clearance over any item…normally all sponsors are notified and if you lose a clearance under DoD…you lose eligibility under any other clearance sponsor as well. Be sure to report to your security manager any foreign travel, particularly where you are going.