My timeline for reference.

This site has been a great source of information since i started this clearance process and i just wanted to add my timeline for others to use as a reference.

DoD Secret- Contractor
-2/16/2018 package submitted to customer
-3/9/2018 interim granted
-9/5/2018 investigation closed
-10/10/2018 clearance was granted

Im in my 30s, no arrests or tickets, fair credit score. There were some 20 to 23 year old people that were cleared in 3 to 4 month. Most people my age were around 6 to 9 months and then theres a fair amount pushing 1 to 2 years waiting.

Good stuff sir. Your clean record is probably why you got cleared so quickly. 8 months from start to finish is pretty good.

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Sounds exactly like our candidates.