Time expiration

So I have been in a quest to get my clearance since April 2018. To this date  29 September 2021. I have only had follow up interviews. The last one being Febuary 2021. The last set of questions were about my wife who is from Peru. 
During last interview they talked to a supervisor about my wife said I neve
My question is there a point to where they cant find anything verifying my  old  supervisors account.  They stop the investigation or do they run it to ground?

Foreign family…takes a long time to process. Had a guy from Moldova. Took 4 years to clear.

If the foreign contacts are verified as part of approval for a contracting position , are they re verified again for a fed position ??

Question is why does it take > 4 years for a fed TJO processing But 18 months approval as a contractor exact same application info ?

Same agency and clearance level?

If one is Intel…the other DoD…both follow same guidelines. But how each interprets those guidelines? You would not believe how different they can be. Each swearing they do it right.

Both are same Intel agency and same level of clearance

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Comical. If it werent so sad. Some paths move fast…had several high speed guys we lost waiting…and a second contract company on same compound…woukd get cleared in weeks. Makes little sense.