"National Agency Checks"

Hello everyone,

I was recently told by my HR rep with CBP that they are waiting on the results for “national agency checks” from other federal agencies to gather background information about me. I understand that it was my BI’s job to verify information on my SF-86. Therefore, what other information is being collected about my through “national agency checks”?

Thanks in advance

The “BI” doesn’t do your NACs. Those are all the record from the different gov’t agencies.

Did you apply for a CBP technician position by chance?

I’m curious to know how different government agencies may have information about me seeing how I’ve never held a federal government job (outside of the military) and do not have a criminal record.

No, but it was for a non-LE position.

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As a retired veteran, I have a hoop of agencies that have records on me. And I was able to stay out of trouble for the most part. Now that I am a federal investigator - I have even more records.