Need Advice - Employer screwed up my clearance!

Some background - In Sept/Oct 2018, my second PR was started. SF-86 was submitted, interviews were held. In the meantime, in February I was offered a job at a company doing business with the same client. Because it was the same client, the crossover was quick and the PR was not affected. About 5 months later, I was offered a job by a company that promised to upgrade my clearance to a FSPOLY. I made this company aware of my PR. They were not concerned. I was and repeatedly asked if they were sure because the last thing I wanted was for my clearance to get screwed up.

I agreed to start work even though they told me the crossover had been started and everything would be ok. 2 weeks after my start, the FSO sent me an email saying she couldn’t see my clearance in JPAS! The customer FSO said it had been archived and my last 2 years of employment weren’t showing (which sort of explains the archiving). Thinking my previous employer had done something wrong when I resigned, I called. They checked SC and could see my clearance but that the PR had been closed.

When I asked the new company’s FSO when she started the crossover, she stated that it was two weeks after I started! She also said there was nothing that could be done and I would have to start my clearance process as if I had never had one! Needless to say that was a gut punch.

And then the worst happened. I was let go! I have a former employer that has put me in for a job with the customer who held my clearance and was in performing the PR. We don’t know what will happen, if anything.

I’m trying to plan for the worst, though. Has anyone ever hearing of this happening? Do I have any recourse? Is there anyone I can talk to? OPM? My Congressman?

I’ve been contracting for the federal government for 20 years and held a TS/SCI/CIPOLY for 12. I’ve never had so any issue with my clearance or POLY. Until now.

Thanks for any helpful or hopeful comments!

What a mess. This is beyond my knowledge base but you should get some advice on here.

Good luck.