Negotiating Salary While Waiting for Clearance

Has anyone here managed to successfully negotiate a salary post conditional offer (while waiting on a final job offer)? Say a year or 2 pass while you are waiting… and you gain experience/ get a job that pays much higher than what was offered initially? Can you then negotiate a change in GS? Is it a good idea to try that out or do people usually get revised offers anyways?

I would go to federalsoup forum and ask this question. Given that it is a General Schedule (GS) position, I would review Title 5 of United States Code (USC) and Office of Personnel Management (OPM) policies and directives.

To answer your question, it depends. It depends on the position that you are filling and your status. I have successfully negotiated grade and step increases. I should warn you that it will not come easy as human resources (HR) specialists are notorious being difficult to negotiate with. I used Title 5 and OPM policies and directives as well as my then-salary as justification.

My suggestion, do your research and prepare to present your case to HR specialist WHEN you get the final offer. Good luck.