New Investigation vs. Reopening


I am currently waiting for an SSBI to work as a BI. My case closed on 3/13 and an adjudicator reached out to me on 3/19 for additional information. However, I received an email today stating that my e-qip documents have been received and accepted in security and how OPM has scheduled a background investigation based on the information. This confused me, so I decided to call OPM/NBIB at their FOIA line. They told me that a totally new investigation started for my case on 3/28. I assume that they need to do more investigation, but why wouldn’t they just reopen the old case? The person at FOIA mentioned that a new investigation and reopening the old one is totally different. If someone could shed some light on this matter, I would appreciate it greatly.


What’s the number to the FOIA line?

Sounds like another company opened a new BI for a different position. This is one of the drawbacks to the secrecy of this. We should all be able to reach out and ask who sponsored this second BI. I have heard of BI’s pushing existing ones out of the system. That adds unnecessary work and rework. The clog maintains.

another company opened a new BI for a different position? What exactly do you mean? I only applied to one position with them which is a BI position. I assume the agency who sponsored the second BI is the same agency, which is DoD.

If they initiated a new BI…as a separate action from the first BI…and you are positive you only applied to one cleared agency…the only other explanation I can think of is the adjudicator determined there is “un-adjudicated” information. You may have inadvertently spoke to something, confirmed something, created doubt about something, and a determination was made to scope this new information. I have had folks leave this cleared site, their BI is current, but when they tried to crossover to a new client they were told there was un-adjudicated info, and required them to submit as an initial…meaning a new investigation to scope this new and as yet un-weighed info.

I really appreciate the insight! I actually received an email today stating that I have an interim determination!

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Outstanding! I wonder if someone just misread your info and saw the award of the interim and read it as opening a new action?