New to Process … Waiting for Public Trust e-QIP ?

07/18/19 Signed Offer Letter
07/18/19 Signed Background Investigation Release Authorization Form
07/19/19 Completed Drug Screening
07/19/19 Completed Fingerprint (FD-258)
07/19/19 Completed Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970
07/24/19 Completed Declaration for Federal Employment (OF-306)
07/26/19 All forms submitted.
08/08/19 Last message said, “waiting for the government to complete security adjudication process”

Still have not received the e-QIP as of 08/19/19. Can anyone fill me in on when I should receive the e-QIP and why it would take a month just to get the form? How can I get an approval to work (ATO - authorization to operate) while the process continues. Thanks.