Next steps? Security rep isn't much help

I am waiting on a secret clearance to finish up. Here is my dilemma. It has been pending investigation with DCSA for 113 days. That’s just about double the most recent average timelines released by DCSA (I understand those are averages and mine may be an outlier, but it doesn’t seem like it may be moving as detailed here). I had my interview mid-November so I feel like it may be stuck somewhere. However, my security rep isn’t much help as they said all they will do is wait. They don’t “get involved” with DCSA’s investigation and will not contact them to see if it is at least still moving. All they said they will do is just look on their portal (whichever one they use) and that’s it. So, my worry is, it may be stuck somewhere since none of my references have been contacted and my current and most recent employer have not been contacted either.

Is there any thing I can do to see if the investigation is still moving or if it is stuck somewhere?

Your local member/representative of US congress or US senate ( or someone on their staff) can often inquire on your behalf and get better answers.

Should I wait longer for that? I’d prefer my security rep not see that because I’m afraid that may be frowned upon on their end.

I’ve been in the same spot as your security rep with cases that seem to be unusually delayed. If they call DCSA for a status, they will just be told the investigation is ongoing. There is a portal that we can see which items are still outstanding and need to be completed but that’s about the extent of the information that is in there. Although it feels like it, I doubt you’ve been forgotten and waiting is about the only option you have. And, depending on the case type that was requested on you, your references may not be contacted and your current employer may just be sent an form to fill out on you. All of this can cause delays if not returned timely. Good luck.

Its a secret, so it shouldn’t even be that long or in depth. I get mixed answers about whether law enforcement background checks have extra stuff coded in. Some say there are and some say there isn’t. It’s a police officer position but only a tier 3 investigation.

You had your interview mid-November. That’s very recent.
Factoring in the Holiday break, I would probably wait until mid-March before even worrying about it.

Patience is key.
You’ll probably have a nice surprise within the next month or so, that would be my guess…