No Experience or Clearance for Security Job

How does one get considered for an Entry Level Field and Background Investigator which requires an active SSBI or TS which I do not have. I have zero clearance and I am trying to enter the field.

You will need a bachelors degree and then apply to GDIT or SCIS and their are many others too.

SCIS Investigations is hiring across the country - I highly recommend choosing this vendor, you won’t be disappointed in the leadership.

How does SCIS or GDIT differ from Perspecta (formerly Keypoint) or CACI? I’m kind of unhappy where I’m at and management isn’t very good. I’ve busted my tail for the last year just to watch people who have 6 months less than me on the contract get a raise. It’s even more of a slap in the face when they are people who have shadowed me for training