Not required security clerance job and adverse finding

i had just recived a letter from opm on a investigation that has been done on my behalf formy current job that does not need a security clearance
i was terminated fron a seasonal emplymet,the employer said that i was terminated for misconduct, they have details of the miscunduct but the HR from that store said that they could not obtain copy of my record and i ve been ask to answer on charges of miscunduct or negligent employment, criminal dishonest cunduct and materia intentional false statement

what should i do when all that is not true

It sounds like you did not disclose an employment termination on the OF-306 (Declaration for Federal Employment) which is why OPM has retained jurisdiction for the adjudication. You should have received information on how to request a copy of your investigation, and the specific issues should be in the letter form OPM. You should answer each issue in the letter and provide any supporting documentation that may refute or mitigate the concern. Good luck!

thanks for the response now here is whats happening they had obtain that information from HR on a that store but the investigator narrated every detail but on his or her remarks se stated

that as polici of that store they dont grant permision to get or obtain copy of my record


but the thing is that they dont grant termination letter (that is another of the investigators findings)